Sky Tides

Four glowing green ribbons of aurorae spanning an indigo sky. Etched into the sky are shadows of jellyfish and a woman with an umbrella, from which the aurorae originate.

This is a desktop background image. As someone who probably puts too much time into customization, I wanted to make a wallpaper myself. Actually, it's something I had wanted to do for years but only now had enough skill points in art to actually make an attempt.

Since I wanted the background to represent me in some way, I leaned rather heavily into the name "auroratide". There are probably endless metaphors describing aurorae, but to play into the theme of oceanic tides, I reimagine them as jellyfish arms reaching far into the night sky. And because I like making metaphors two levels deep, jellyfish are just umbrellas of the sea.

This was made in Krita.