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Don't forget to design for errors

Software Engineering

When you code, accounting for the different kinds of errors that can happen will save a lot of future time debugging, as stabilize your program significantly, and result in fewer unhappy end users when things don't go as planned.

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Darkness and Screaming


People find their soulmates through dreams they have of each other, but all I get are nightmares of darkness and screaming.

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A Personal Canvas

A canvas is different for every person. For many it is a blank paper. For some it is an easel. For others it is a block of wood.

My canvas is code.

With code, I've made a ton of random stuff over the years, and I've deposited most of it here. Nowadays I'm interested in using code to tell interactive stories. I don't really care if they're good stories either. I just want to write human stories.

What is your canvas?


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