Timothy Foster

Full-Stack Software Engineer


Compoze Labs

Lead Engineer, Tech Lead

- Present

  • Released an accessibility-audited and compliant website that thousands of people have used to order compost bags.
  • Led a team of five React developers in creating an interactive, fully offline-compatible guidebook for packaging machines and robots.
  • Architected a pipeline for collecting, processing, and visualizing millions of data points on a device with no access to internet resources.


Founder, Technical Author


  • Achieved over 30,000 views through technical writing on topics including web accessibility, web components, and frontend best practices.
  • Built sifetti.com, a full-stack authenticated web application for efficiently organizing notes, currently integrating feedback received from by beta users.
  • Composed three reusable web components with thousands of weekly downloads.
  • Discovered, tested, and fixed a bug in the open source SvelteKit web framework.


Senior Consultant Developer


Co-Tech Lead - Healthcare Client

  • Revamped the client's data pipeline by introducing a horizontally scalable message queue for processing of claims in parallel, making the system 90% faster.
  • Led the design of a Domain Specific Language to bridge communication between the business and developers, shortening the development lifecycle by 40 days.
  • Proposed and implemented an architecture that reduced the number of claims our queue needed to process from billions to millions.
  • Presented a live view into our data pipeline to the client CEO and CTO, built using Javascript and Express connected to our Kotlin REST API.

Trainer in China/India - ThoughtWorks University

  • Mentored 18 entry-level developers and career changers in the fundamentals of agile delivery, test-driven code, and industry software principles.
  • Created a visualization of the curriculum which doubled the program's capacity for trainees, enabling the trainer team to identify redundancies.
  • Engaged a few dozen trainees in optional sessions about creativity and received feedback about the success of the techniques within their teams.

Frontend Tech Anchor - Home Mortgaging Client

  • Published the client's first online origination experience, integrating an isolated React app into the existing Ruby on Rails site to decouple their pipelines.
  • Accelerated our deployment to production by four weeks after I introduced Pact contract testing and API stubbing to the team.
  • Created codebase alignment through workshops about state management with Redux Sagas, testing React with Enzyme, and functional testing with Testcafe.
  • Established a model for working as a distributed US/India team, which became a standard across multiple teams on the client.


  • Languages:
    • Typescript, Javascript
    • Kotlin, Java, C#
    • SQL
  • Technologies:
    • React, Svelte
    • NodeJS, Express
    • AWS, Docker
    • Jest, Playwright, JUnit
    • Spring, Ktor, RabbitMQ
    • Git
    • Postgres, MongoDB
    • Web Components
  • Practices:
    • Web Accessibility
    • REST API Design
    • Automated Testing
    • CI/CD Pipelines
    • Agile Delivery


B.S. Computer Science


Texas A&M University, USA

GPA: 3.97

  • Researched Creativity Expression
  • President of Texas Aggie Game Developers

Fun Facts

  • Shaken the hand of Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise
  • Bronze Medal, most innovative game in Ludum Dare competition
  • Taken unplanned adventures in India, Ireland, and Colorado
  • Writing a science fiction story