A pale woman with light-pink hair, magenta armor, and a cord for a belt. Also has a rod-like weapon at her side.

Esprie is a character I run for a far-future tabletop rpg called Lancer. She had lived her entire life aboard a space station where her parents researched ways of containing alien-like consciousnesses called Non-Human Persons (NHPs). Space raiders one day destroyed the space station, killing everyone inside, but Esprie miraculously survived.

In our campaign, Esprie became a mech pilot after wandering the planet Hekkit and stumbling into an abandoned mech. With it, she ended up joining actual mech pilots on an escort mission and figured this to be the best way to eventually find out who destroyed her former home.

Her callsign is Fizz, the name of an NHP she befriended while living on the space station.