Noon Averiel


Noon is a Dungeons and Dragons character of mine. She is a human light domain cleric serving with the Taani, a pious sect of sun-worshipping travellers consisting entirely of elven women. Years ago, one of the Taani named Averiel adopted Noon into the faith from an ophanage despite her human heritage. Though initially met with protest by the elders, Noon was eventually fully accepted as one of the Taani's own.

In our campaign, Noon joined the Cresgate military in order to create a reputation for the Taani among the government in her own way. There, she found a mentor in an old, soon-to-be-retired gunslinger who led her through the tougher side of life. After surviving a debilitating poisoning, he passed his gun down to her. Or, rather, Noon just kinda took his gun in order to continue his legacy in some way.

Noon, in essence, became a sun gun nun.

A woman in long, blue robes with purple hair, wearing a circular religious hat. In her hand is a staff with a glowing orange orb on the end.