Corendis is a character in a tabletop roleplaying game called Lancer. In the futuristic game, alien-like consciousnesses called Non-Human Persons (NHP) are stored into computers and used to calculate incredibly advanced problems. Corendis is one such NHP, embedded in the lattice of a fist-sized ruby.

They (Corendis is genderless) do not have a physical form beyond their so-called casket, but when drawing this character I took the artistic liberty of imagining them as an embodiment of their personality. The overuse of fire is meant to convey their sense of unbiased chaos, taking actions regardless of their second-hand consequences.

But also, our players in the game had to battle Corendis in space over a blazing sun, so fire made sense.

A human-like spirit with flames for hair and a ruby protruding from their chest.