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Rubber Juggle


  • The title screen.
    The game keeps a highscore like an arcade game
  • A corkboard has pins linked together with rubber bands, with balloons bouncing around them.
    Keep balloons on screen to increase the score!

Rubber Juggle is a simple game made for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam, hosted by GMTK. We had 48 hours to create a game from scratch based on the theme "joined together". In the end, there were nearly 6000 entries to the jam, which is a very impressive showing.

In Rubber Juggle, the whole goal is to keep balloons corralled in your pegboard by joining pegs together with rubber bands. Balloons bounce around on the bands, granting points for each bounce. But be careful, because they pop if they escape the board!

As usual I try to make my jam games playable on mobile. Feel free to burn some time at a bus stop or what have you with this!

  • Timothy Foster: Programming, design, art, and sfx
  • Music: "Hillbilly Swing" by Kevin MacLeod (Link) (License)

Rubber Juggle was made using Pixi.js and Typescript. I borrowed a lot of code and technique from a previous game of mine, Dampfire.