Dampfire is a very simple game I made for the One Game Mechanic Jam, hosted by Games Dev Quest. We were given one week to create a game from scratch with "one game mechanic" around the themes of cards, cartography, or campfire. And indeed, there is just one mechanic: tap buckets to keep them from putting out your campfire!

Tap buckets to destroy them before they reach the campfire! As buckets get through, your fire will get dimmer and it will become harder to see the incoming threats. Replenish your flames by allowing wood logs through instead.


  • Design, programming, art: Timothy Foster
  • Music: "Corncob" by Kevin MacLeod, CC BY
  • Sfx: Acquired from ZapSplat

Dampfire was made using Pixi.js and Typescript. It was my first time using Pixi directly instead of a dedicated game engine like Unity or Haxeflixel.