Sifetti is a full-stack web application for organizing a variety of notes without the use of folders. The idea is that folders can actually get in the way of organization; how many times have you found yourself wishing you could put one file into more than one folder?

Instead, Sifetti lets people use tags to organize documents. Tags aren't revolutionary, though Sifetti makes them the first-class way of getting different views of your work, optimizing the user interface around this concept.

Sifetti is currently supporting a small number of people, though the app is currently in closed beta meaning sign-ups of new people is not available until some core feedback is accumulated and acted on.

Sifetti currently supports:

  • Authoring notes in markdown with a quick double-click-to-edit interface
  • Adding and removing tags on notes
  • Immediately filtering notes by toggling certain tags
  • Quickly filtering large sets of tags by text

Sifetti relies on SvelteKit for the frontend framework and Supabase for authentication, database, and file storage. It is designed with security and accessibility in chief importance, and robustness is ensured with an extensive suite of tests.

Additionally, as an open source product, my hope is that Sifetti could grow beyond the web, perhaps even serving as an abstraction over a folder on a computer filesystem.