Pokemon 5e Reference

Pokemon 5e Reference is a website dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons homebrew, adding Pokemon to a world of magic!

Dungeons and Dragons is a popular game where people act as characters in a world of magic to defeat evil. I like to think of it as collaborative storytelling, as the people playing essentially create the story of their characters' adventures. As an inherently creative game, the creation of homebrew, or custom content, is incredibly common, personalizing and expanding an already expressive universe.

Pokemon is a series of games and shows where people collect powerful animals to battle each other. The community organized by @JOEtheDM created an assortment of custom content for Dungeons and Dragons, including converting every single Pokemon into a useable monster.

The content was only available as PDFs, though. To make it easier to find content, I converted the PDFs into an online reference. Doing so makes it trivially easy to find specific pokemon and immediately link to what moves they can use/learn.

I built this using SvelteKit, and designed the UI based on Pokemon Sword and Shield. All content except for post-seventh generation pokemon was written by @JOEtheDM and the community.

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