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  • The title screen.
    The game keeps a highscore like an arcade game
  • A bunch of connected Tetris blocks spanning in all directions haphazardly.
    Don't let the blocks get to the edges!

Omnixis is an HTML5 webgame made with HaxeFlixel for Ludum Dare 35. In Ludum Dare, participants only have 72 hours to make a game from scratch given a theme. This time, the theme was "Shapeshift", and I decided it was time to make a Tetris clone. Except, it totally isn't a clone, and I'm not just saying that. Out of nearly 3000 entries, Omnixis was voted the 23rd most innovative game.

You are the Nixis, a three-by-three core of white blocks. Other blocks are flying in from every direction in a flourish of color, and for some reason, you have this unquenchable desire to fit these blocks into perfect rows.

Move the Nixis around the field to collect blocks onto yourself and form perfect rows and columns. Be careful, though! Rows and columns that line up with the Nixis itself won't be destroyed.

The game ends if your structure builds beyond the visible field. You probably shouldn't let that happen, I guess.

  • Use the Arrow keys or WASD in order to move the Nixis
  • Press Space or P to pause
  • Press Escape to quit the game
  • Timothy Foster (@tfAuroratide) - Game design, programming, and art

Special Thanks to these Resources:

  • Kevin McLeod - Music, "The Lift" (CC-BY 3.0) at
  • Kenney Vleugels - SFX (CC-BY 3.0) at