Nonupo is my first major project using an object-oriented language: ActionScript 3. That's right. Nonupo is a Flash game. Made back when Flash was still cool, the game was invented when a friend challenged me to make a game using only paper, pencil, and a 10-sided die. The result? A challenging, brainy game with an unforgiving AI capable of being humans, including myself.

Nonupo is a numeric strategy game where two opponents exchange turns to amass a score closest to 0. Upon a player's turn, he/she rolls a 10-sided die. The player may then select an unoccupied square an either mark it with the number he/she rolled or with a + or -. Once every square has been filled, the scores are tallied; player 1's score is the sum of the values of each row. Player 2's score is the sum of the values of each column.

This program features a graphical interface by which to play the game locally. Furthermore, it has five difficulties of AI which are at the current moment, unfortunately, rather substandard. Confronted with the problem that this game averages 216 possible moves per turn (as compared to chess's 35 moves per turn), I had to be a little more innovative than just looking ahead, but it still forces you to think.

This game in its first build (1.00.130302) took a total of two months to develop. If I make future versions, I will likely expand the gameplay to make it more engaging in the late game and allow for different board sizes. If I do make it again, though, it will be as an app, hopefully with Internet capabilities.

Flash is no longer a thing, so the original game is unplayable. If you have some means to play Flash content, you can download the SWF.