Coding + Storytelling

Monado Recipes


  • List of recipes sorted in a grid.
    A searchable list of fantasy recipes
  • Acqua Pearl Pazza, with ingredients and its picture
    Recipes provide ingredients and instructions
  • An interpretation box next to a list of fantasy ingredients.
    Fantasy ingredients must be reinterpretted into the real world
  • Barebones white page showing ingredients and instructions
    Each recipe can be easily printed

Monado Recipes is a fan-made repository of recipes based on food found in the Xenoblade Chronicles games.

Really, it's one big creative culinary exercise: how do you take fantasy ingredients like "Mookah Flour" and create a "Pan-Fried Tatari"? What even is a tatari anyway?

  • Made with SvelteKit. The website is simple, so the tech stack is simple!
  • Highly accessible web design.
  • Designed to easily print as well.
  • And none of that "here's 20 pages of recipe backstory" BS before the actual recipe!