Crazy Cab

I helped organize a small game jam for ThoughtWorks wherein participants had just 24 hours to create an entire game from scratch. Since there were only eight of us, we all came together to form this: Crazy Cab. It's a mobile game made in Unity where you try and navigate a weird planet of rocks in a taxi without brakes. Simple, but fun!

One of the things I found interesting in this project was how we were able to effectively coordinate eight people working on the same game over such a short period of time. This meant landing on the same idea, aligning on its mechanics, distributing work without stepping on each other's toes, and so forth.

And of course, we had plenty of code merge conflicts and spontaneous ideas pop up, but in the end we were able to deliver and present this crazy game to the rest of our office. Sure, it's not the next best-seller on the Google Play store, but hey, we smashed it together in just a day!

Here's all the wonderful people that built this:

  • Arrio Amirgholi (Music, Programming)
  • Giovanny Castillo (Programming)
  • Jackie Robinson (Event Organizer, Programming)
  • Jason Adams (Programming)
  • Juan Cardona (Programming)
  • Pedro Cardona (Tech Lead, Programming)
  • Tara Vajdi (Programming)
  • Timothy Foster (Project Coordination, Programming)