Chase Hamilton

Chase Hamilton is a philosophical genius with a passion for debate. Wanting to see others succeed in high school debate, Chase has taken upon himself the mantle of of being a private coach. So, Chase needed a site which could showcase his credibility and portray him as a genuine person. This is the result.

Much thought went into the design and layout of the site. It needed to be simple and clean in order for information to be easy to find and read. Yet, the site also needed to be personal, showing how Chase's passion for debate would lead him to put forth nothing less than his best in helping his students. Therefore, I allowed for a banner that changes from page-to-page, capable of allowing Chase to express himself in multiple ways while adding visual feedback for people navigating the pages.

For Chase, the site serves as an adaptable portfolio. It provides:

  • Editable sections for the event when the text needs to be updated. The site is a giant template, so my client never needs to see code.
  • A blog where Chase can demonstrate his vast knowledge, expertise, and diligence to potential students
  • The ability to add student testimonials
  • A contact system so students can easily get in touch with Chase

This site was made with Wikidot, manipulated slightly to serve as a content management system.