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Castle Crew Conundrum


  • Many different stick figures in a factory operating different machinery.
    Six players cooperate to defend the castle against invaders.
  • A green stick figure operating crane controls.
    There's Crane Guy, Smash Guy, Conveyor Guy, Carry Guy, Catapult Guy, and Aim Guy!

This is an HTML5 webgame made with Construct 2 for Ludum Dare 34. A couple friends and I tirelessly toiled for some percentage of a 72-hour time limit to make a game surrounded around the theme "Two-button controls". Well, we decided they didn't tell us how many two-button controls we could have, and hence now this monstrous game exists. It's a co-op game, so make sure you've got a friend with you if you want to try it!

This game is a Local Multiplayer Game. Find some friends to play along!

Oh noes! Stone Golems are attacking your castle! How do you stop them?

Call upon your friends to vanquish the stony fiends by using their own bodies against them! The Castle Crew has devised the most ridiculous way possible for defeating the golems:

  1. Pick up any dead golems using The Claw.
  2. Smash the golems into rocks for a catapult.
  3. Filter out any golems that were smashed too much or not smashed enough.
  4. Carry the stones to a catapult.
  5. Aim the catapult.
  6. Wind up the catapult, and…
  7. FIRE!

But… how on earth can one person manage all of these tedious tasks? That's why you need to call upon the aid of any friends you have around so that together you can eliminate your foes.

In this local multiplayer game, each of six roles is assigned two buttons. Divide your tasks wisely among these six tasks!

  • Q/W: Q deploys the claw, and W moves the claw out
  • Z/X: Z and X smash the golems to pieces when on a conveyor belt
  • T/Y: T retracts the last conveyor, and Y extends it back. Retract the belt when you want a stone to proceed to the next step!
  • O/P: Use O and P to move rocks from the conveyor belt to the catapult.
  • </>: The < and > keys aim the catapult on the miniscreen.
  • Arrows: Finally, repeatedly tap the Left Arrow key to wind the catapult up, and press the Right Arrow key to fire.

(hey, they never said how many two-button controls we can have…!)

  • Brendan Phillips - Game Design and "Art"
  • Timothy Foster (me) - Game Design and PROgramming
  • DuskRaven - Music and Sound Effects