While in college, I was involved with a game development club, and we had a number of contests. This time, we had a weekend to make a game based on the idea of candy, and we had to do it in pairs. Well, my partner (Gary Kluth) and I certainly delivered with this entertaining (literally) bullet-hell game.

The goal of the game is simply to dodge all the candy while picking up the tealish orbs. Picking up the orbs progresses you to the next stage, but each stage is harder than the last! Can you master the candy?

Use the mouse the maneuver and P or Shift to pause. As a protip, your hitbox is only the single red pixel in the center of the star!

A Game Jam is essentially an event meant to motivate people into finally making a game, though normally in a very short amount of time. For our TAGD group, we had from a Wednesday to a Sunday, four days, to build an entire game from scratch. This is the first time I ever attempted to make anything in so short a period amidst other work as well. Candemonium is the result.

A special thanks goes to Gary Kluth who did all of the artwork and selected the music!

If the game is taking a while to load, don't worry. It's loading. I didn't have enough time to implement a preloader, so for the moment you get a beautiful white screen.

Overall, this took about 12 hours to make.

A note from present-day me: I've never managed to beat the game. There are 12 stages total (I think?) and I've only made it to the 8th stage. It's a very hard game!