Texas A&M University hires students to help teach computer science to other students. We were called peer teachers, and in order to help students know who was scheduled when, a website was made. During my last year in college, I managed the website and scheduling for all 60+ peer teachers and created software to auto-generate the info you see on the webpage.

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Some of the peer teachers, in the highest resolution I have

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One of the peer teachers giving a nice lesson

I was responsible for the content on the peer teacher section of the website and not the entire site itself. When I was first hired to manage the site, I found that the workflow was not as efficient as it could be. Adding new peer teachers entailed shifting all of the other entries individually. As a result, I created a program that manages everyone's schedules and auto-creates the webpage on the peer teacher site.

I worked carefully with the professor in charge of the peer teacher program and two other peer teachers who assisted me.