Programming is not a rigid science. It is a dynamic art.

That might sound a bit weird. Coding is an art? On the outside, coding seems to be a very mathematical, logical, and systematic practice. However, I believe it can be more. We use programming to make models of the world and the various things in it. Yet, we can also use programming to actually make the world. With that, programming suddenly becomes a creative endeavor. It suddenly becomes an art.

I want to foster creativity through coding and coding through creativity. My hope is to apply my creative training in order to bring about the art, and not just the science, of programming.

I work for ThoughtWorks, a global software development company that dares to think disruptively in order to impact the technological industry. We thrive on the challenges set before us by our clients and constantly work to promote social and economic justice.

As a Christian, I basically believe in three core principles. First, I am imperfect and have committed moral wrong in my life. Second, God loved me so much that He died for me so I don't have to pay for my moral wrong with permanent death. And finally, God was resurrected so I can live with Him forever.

I don't think belief and science contradict one another, nor do I think my faith hinders my sense of rationality. Rather, having this belief has given me a great sense of purpose, and as a Christian I want nothing more than to reflect the love God has shown me to others.

As a bit of a hobby, I make video games. Why? Because video games are fun, and making video games is funner.

There are actually lots of reasons I like games. Aside from the obvious entertainment worth, I actually feel games have a place in education. Often, they are more engaging than a textbook. They readily set goals for the player and bring about a sense of accomplishment at the end. Most importantly, though, games can invoke complex thinking skills like problem solving in ways that math problems on a piece of paper never will.

And finally, actually making a game brings its own sense of accomplishment. As a beginner programmer, which would you rather have the chance to say? That you made a program to calculate pi, or that you made a cool spin-off of Pac-Man? Hopefully one day, games can be seen more as a tool for education rather than a distraction.

I made this website. And a few others also.

Web design has been a major hobby of mine since the beginning of high school. I wasn't very skilled or experienced back then, plus the Internet was a very different place. Most web pages were still static, and the concept of a "mobile-friendly" site was extremely new. HTML5 didn't exist, and Flash was still existed.

Since those days, I've worked with many tools and platforms, including CSS3, Javascript, Wordpress, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, and Wikidot. I learned quite a bit about web design and development thanks to these tools, but perhaps most important of all, I learned to always adapt with the times. The Internet changes very quickly, and if we ever stop learning, we can fall behind very quickly.

Space is a pretty cool place.

Colorful nebulae. Majestic galaxies. Diverse planets. Mysterious dark matter. Everything about it is beautiful. I've been fascinated by space since I was in elementary school. I fondly remember writing reports about space or the planets any chance I was allowed. Thankfully, my appreciation for the cosmos has only grown since then.

Space is the largest canvas in existence, and I can think of no better way to paint it.

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in computer science.

Computer science is rather interesting, and you might be surprised that I consider it different from general programming. Programming is a skill, whereas computer science is a field of study. Programmers code to solve practical problems, while computer scientists question what's possible. Programming is the "how"; computer science is the "why". Both are needed for technological progress.

I am a teacher at heart.

Teaching is more than passing on knowledge. Teachers inspire. When you think about it, we can't really force information into the minds of students. Usually, they just forget what they learned after the relevant test. I would know. After all, I was a student myself at one time.

And yet, all these students still learn things, whether it be how to play an instrument, perform impossible bicycle stunts, master an online game, and so on. Therefore, as teachers, we ought to inspire student to want to learn. Learning led by curiosity and desire is the best kind of learning.

I am a…


Creative Coder






Game Developer


Web Designer


Space Enthusiast


Computer Scientist